Swing-out Rackmount Fiber Enclosure, w/LGX adapter Panels, 24, 48, 96 Core

  • Swing-out Rackmount Fiber Enclosure, LGX style
  • Rotatable Tray for Flexible Fiber Cable Termination
  • 19/21 Inch Rack mounted
  • 1U Fiber Enclosure w/2 Adapter Panel, 2U w/4 Adapter Panel
  • 12, 24, 48 Core Fiber Splices
  • MTP/MPO fiber cassettes compatible



Swing-out Rackmount Fiber Enclosure, w/LGX adapter Panels, 24, 48, 96 Core

The FOCONEC’s swing-out rackmount fiber enclosure has an inner swing-out tray, that allows flexible access to interior optical fiber terminations and splicings.

We have 1U and 2U swing-out fiber enclosures for your option, they are suitable for accommodating 2 or 4 standard LGX-style adapter panels/plates, then realizing 24, 48, or max 96 SC, LC port to port connections.

We have splice trays, cable spools pre-assembled to support the patching and splicing of optical fibers in the enclosures. 

Our swing-out rackmount fiber enclosure can be ordered empty or fully loaded customary adapter plates, fully loading LC, SC, FC, ST, MTP/MPO adapters pigtails.

Additionally, the reversible rack-mounted brackets/ears of this pivotable rack-mounted fiber enclosures allow mounting in 19″ or 23″ racks or cabinets.


  • Available empty or pre-loaded with adapter panels
  • Factory pre-terminated fiber pigtails for options
  • Available splice trays, heat-shrinkable splice protection sleeves


  • Material: 16 GA SPCC or Aluminum
  • Electrostatic Polyester Powder Coated, Black(standard)
  • Adapter Panel Footprint: LGX(118mm)


Ordering Guide

  • Example: RMPP-S1U2P-SCUSMDX24C (1U swing-out fiber enclosure, 2 LGX adapter panels, fully loaded SC/UPC duplex adapter, single-mode, black)

Part Number Rack Space Slot Space Adapter Type Splice Capacity
RMPP-S1U2P 1U 2 LGX Footprint SC/ST/FC: 12/24 core  LC: 12/24/48 core
RMPP-S2U4P 2U 4 SC/ST/FC: 24/48 core  LC: 48/96 core

Swing-Out Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure, 1U

24 port swing-out patch panel SC adapters

Swing-Out Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure, 2U

swing-out fiber patch panel 2U LC 96 port
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