Rack Mount Swing-out Fiber Enclosure, LGX, 2/4 Adapter Panel Type, 24, 48, 96 Core

  • Swing-out Fiber Enclosure, LGX style
  • Rotatable Tray for Flexible Fiber Cable Termination
  • 19/21 Inch Rack Mounted
  • 1U Fiber Enclosure w/2 Adapter Panel, 2U w/4 Adapter Panel
  • 12, 24, 48 Core Fiber Splices
  • MTP/MPO Fiber Cassettes Compatible



Rack Mount Swing-out Fiber Enclosure, LGX, 2/4 Adapter Panel Type, 24, 48, 96 Core

FOCONEC’s rack mount swing-out fiber enclosure or patch panel has an inner swing-out tray, that allows flexible access to interior optical fiber terminations and splicings.

We have 1U and 2U swing-out fiber enclosures or patch panels for your option, they are suitable for accommodating 2 or 4 standard LGX-style adapter panels/plates, then realizing 24, 48, or max 96 SC, LC port to port connections.

Splice trays, cable spools could be pre-assembled in our factory to support patching and splicing of optical fibers in this fiber patch panel enclosure.

Our swing-out rack mount fiber enclosure can be ordered empty or fully loaded customary adapter plates, fully loading LC, SC, FC, ST, MTP/MPO adapters pigtails.

Additionally, the reversible rack-mounted brackets/ears of this pivotable rack-mounted fiber enclosures allow mounting in 19″ or 23″ racks or cabinets.

Key Features:

Swing-Out Design:

  • The main characteristic is the swing-out mechanism that allows the panel to be swung out from the rack or cabinet. This design facilitates easy access to the rear side of the panel without having to remove it from the rack.

High-Density Fiber Management:

  • The swing-out fiber enclosure can accommodate a high number of fiber connections, making them suitable for data centers and large network installations.

Cable Management:

  • Integrated cable management features help organize and protect the fiber optic cables, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring a neat installation.


  • swing-out fiber enclosures often come with a variety of adapter plate options (e.g., LC, SC, ST), making them compatible with different types of fiber optic connectors.


  • Empty: except necessary cabling accessories, not including adapter panels, splice tray, cables spools.
  • Fully Loaded: adapter panels, splices trays or heat-shrinkable splice protection sleeves, cable spool or even fiber pigtails


  • Material: 16 GA SPCC or Aluminum
  • Electrostatic Polyester Powder Coated, Black(standard)
  • Adapter Panel Footprint: LGX(118mm)


Ordering Guide

  • Example: RMPP-S1U2P-SCUSMDX24C (1U swing-out fiber enclosure, 2 LGX adapter panels, fully loaded SC/UPC duplex adapter, single-mode, black)

Part Number Rack Space Slot Space Adapter Type Splice Capacity
RMPP-S1U2P 1U 2 LGX Footprint SC/ST/FC: 12/24 core  LC: 12/24/48 core
RMPP-S2U4P 2U 4 SC/ST/FC: 24/48 core  LC: 48/96 core

Swing-Out Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure, 1U

24 port swing-out patch panel SC adapters

Swing-Out Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure, 2U

swing-out fiber patch panel 2U LC 96 port
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