Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure 1U 2U 3U 4U, Fully LGX Compatible

  • Q-CONEC LGX Fiber Enclosure,
  • 19/21 inch Rack Mounted
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 Rack Unit for Options
  • Fully Compatible With LGX Adapter Panels


Q-CONEC Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure: 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, Fully LGX Compatible

A smarter, flexible, and quick operational High-Density Cabling System is essential for a successful fiber communications network. FOCONEC’s Q-CONEC rack mount enclosures enable quick and modularized optical fiber cable termination, splicing, and storage for optical fibers in compact 1, 2, 3, 4RU spaces.

FOCONEC offers rack mount enclosures with providing cross- and interconnection between optical fiber cables and equipment connected in optical transmission systems, also enable mechanical protection for such connections.

All Rack Mount Enclosures accept modular designed adaptor panels & MTP / MPO cassettes. Depending on the enclosure or panel sizes (1, 2, 3, or 4 RUs) and adaptors panels used, FOCONEC’s rack-mount enclosure could accommodate 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 adaptor plates and terminate a range of 6 to 288 fiber connection.

Optical fiber splice trays are optional when splice interconnection or transfer from buffered to jacketed fibers are required. All adapter plates allow easy & quick installation by means of fasters(snap-in locker).

All quick connection enclosures feature front/rear access with hinged panels and a sliding-out inner panel for easy, quick installation and inspection. Black powder-coated steel case provides long-lasting, excellent protection of optical fiber connections.


  • 19″ or 21″ racks & cabinets

Fiber Cassette, Adapter Panels, Plates Used:

  • LGX type, 118mm hole-to-hole mounting footprint

Splice Tray Loaded(optional): 

  • 24 port fiber optic splice tray


  • cold-rolled steel, 16 GA

Surface Finishing:

  • Electrostatic polyester powder coated, in black color (other colors available for bulk order)

Q-Conec Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure, 1RU

Q-conec rack mount fiber enclosure 1RU, 3 adapter-panel type

Q-Conec Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure, 2RU

Q-Conec Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure, 2RU, 6-Adapter-Panel Type

Q-Conec Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure, 3RU

Q-Conec Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure, 3RU, 9-Adapter-Panel Type

Q-Conec Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure, 4RU

Q-Conec Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure, 4RU, 12-Adapter-Panel Type

Order Guide:

Part NumberProduct Descriptionenclosure Dimension (Width x Depth x Height)
FOC-QCRME-1RU3P1U Rack Mounted Enclosure, hold 3 Panels or Cassettes 430mm x 350mm x 1U
FOC-QCRME-2RU6P2U Rack Mounted Enclosure, hold 6 Panels or Cassettes 430mm x 350mm x 2U
FOC-QCRME-3RU9P3U Rack Mounted Enclosure, hold 9 Panels or Cassettes430mm x 350mm x 3U
FOC-QCRME-4RU12P4U Rack Mounted Enclosure, hold 12 Panels or Cassettes430mm x 350mm x 4U

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