LC OM4 Fiber Optic Pigtail, 10 Gigabit


LC OM4 Fiber Optic Pigtail, 10 Gigabit High-speed Data Transmission

An LC OM4 fiber optic pigtail is a type of optical fiber cable that has an LC (Lucent Connector) connector on one end and bare fibers on the other end.

The OM4 designation refers to the type of fiber used in the cable, which is an optical multimode fiber that is designed to operate at high bandwidths over longer distances compared to traditional multimode fibers.

The pigtail configuration allows the LC connector to be easily terminated to a piece of equipment or patch panel, while the bare fibers can be spliced to a longer fiber optic cable. This makes LC OM4 fiber optic pigtails useful in fiber optic networking and cabling applications where high-speed data transmission over short to medium distances is required.

All the LC connectors are UPC polished for higher reflection loss and lower insertion loss. the outer layer of OM4 900um tight buffer fiber cable is with standard heather violet or aqua color.


  • Fiber Type: LC OM4 fiber optic pigtails are designed for use with OM4 multimode fiber, which is a high-bandwidth optical fiber that supports higher bandwidth and longer distances than other multimode fibers.
  • Connector Type: LC connectors are small form-factor connectors that are widely used in high-density fiber optic applications. They have a 1.25mm ferrule and a push-pull locking mechanism that provides a secure connection.
  • High Bandwidth: LC OM4 fiber optic pigtails are designed for high-bandwidth applications and are capable of supporting 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps, and 100 Gbps Ethernet data rates.
  • Improved Signal Quality: OM4 fiber provides better signal quality and lower attenuation compared to other multimode fibers, making LC OM4 fiber optic pigtails ideal for high-performance data center and storage area network (SAN) applications.
  • Improved Reliability: LC OM4 fiber optic pigtails are manufactured to strict standards and are rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance in demanding applications.
  • Easy to Install: LC OM4 fiber optic pigtails are easy to install and terminate, making them a convenient solution for fiber optic cabling in data centers, enterprise networks, and other applications.

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