FOST-B24F Fiber Optic Splice Tray 24 Core, White

  • Plastic fiber optic splice tray
  • White base w/ transparent cover
  • 24 core splice capacity
  • Accommodate 2.5/3.0mm splice protection sleeves


FOST-B24F Fiber Optic Splice Tray 24 Core

A fiber optic splice tray is a component used in fiber optic networks to organize and protect optical fiber fusion splices. When fiber optic cables need to be connected or repaired, the fibers within the cables are spliced together using a fusion splicing or mechanical splicing process. These splices need to be housed in a secure and organized fiber optic splice trays to maintain signal integrity and prevent damage.

Our FOST-B24F fiber optic splice tray typically consists of a plastic tray with grooves or slots to hold individual fiber optic splice protectors or splice sleeves. The fiber splice tray provides protection for the fusion fiber splices and helps to ensure that they remain properly aligned. It also usually includes provisions for securing and routing the incoming and outgoing fiber optic cables.

FOCONEC offers fiber optic splice trays in various sizes and configurations depending on the specific needs of the fiber optic installation. They may be designed to mount within fiber optic enclosures or cabinets, or they may be standalone units used for smaller-scale installations. Some splice trays also incorporate features like cable management guides, strain relief mechanisms, and labeling options to facilitate installation and maintenance.

24 fiber optic splice tray with splice holders
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