FC-FC Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Single-mode, Simplex / Duplex

  • Single-mode patch cord in single-mode fiber 
  • FC/UPC connectors
  • Indoor simplex & duplex fiber cables for the option
  • PVC, OFNR, OFNP & LSZH cable jacket available
  • Standard 2.0mm or 3.0mm fiber cable
  • Customized cable lengths


FC-FC Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Single-mode, Simplex/Duplex

Stand simplex, duplex fiber optic patch cords, and pigtails are widely used for interconnection or cross-connection in fiber transmission links, data centers, CATV networks, and various kinds of test or self-control systems.

Our fiber optic patch cords are available in OS2(SM 9/125), OM1(MM 62.5/125), OM2(MM 50/125), OM3(MM 10Gig) & OM4 fiber types, and built on regular simplex, duplex zip fiber optic cables with PVC, OFNR, OFNP or LSZH cable sheath.

The connectors cover a range of SC, FC, LC, ST, MTRJ, MU, DIN, SMA, and D4 types with PC, UPC, or APC polishing.

An FC-FC fiber optic patch cord is a fiber jumper cable assembly that connects two fiber optic devices. our FC-FC fiber optic patch cord in single-mode fiber could be offered simplex or duplex type. The FC connectors could be UPC polished or APC polished to meet different applications in fiber optic data transmission systems.

  1. Connector Type: FC connectors are screw-type fiber optic connectors that provide a secure and reliable connection. They are commonly used in high-density fiber optic applications and are known for their durability and low insertion loss.
  2. Fiber Type: FC-FC fiber optic patch cords, single-mode, are designed for use with single-mode optical fiber, which provides higher bandwidth and longer distances than multimode optical fiber.
  3. High Bandwidth: Single-mode fiber provides high bandwidth, which makes FC-FC fiber optic patch cords, single-mode, ideal for high-speed data transfer applications such as data centers, enterprise networks, and long-haul communications.
  4. Improved Signal Quality: Single-mode fiber provides better signal quality and lower attenuation compared to multimode fiber, making FC-FC fiber optic patch cords, single-mode, ideal for high-performance data transfer applications.
  5. Improved Reliability: FC-FC fiber optic patch cords, single-mode, are manufactured to strict standards and are rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance in demanding applications.
  6. Easy to Install: FC-FC fiber optic patch cords, single-mode, are easy to install and terminate, making them a convenient solution for fiber optic cabling in data centers, enterprise networks, and other applications.

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