Double Door Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure w/ LGX Adapter Panels

  • Wall Mounted Fiber Enclosure
  • Double Door Design, Easy Access
  • Suitable Adapters Panel with LGX Footprint
  • Fiber Enclosure W/ 2, 4, 12 adapter panels for Options
  • 24, 49, 96, 144 Core Fiber Splices


Double Door Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure, LGX Adapter Panels Compatible

Q-CONEC WMFE-LD2/4/12P double door Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure is indoor used, providing optical fiber cable termination, distribution, storage, and/or splices of optical fibers, so also called fiber distribution panel, fiber termination panel. By using industry-standard LGX adapter plates, it could reach up to max 72 fiber coupling connectivity.

Double door design makes easy access to fiber cable connection, splices, distribution, and management. Two outer doors are assembled with locks for maximum security.

Because of its small form factor, this enclosure is ideal for wall mounting inside telecommunication rooms, networking closets, etc.


WMFE-LD2P wall mount fiber enclosure 6.40in (H) x 12.3in (W) x 4.5in (D)
WMFE-LD4P wall mount fiber enclosure 11.0in (H) x 14.0in (W) x 4.0in (D)
WMFE-LD12P wall mount fiber enclosure 16.0in (H) x 20.0in (W) x 6.5in (D)

Splice Capacity:

WMFE-LD2P, 2 adapter panels 12, 24, 48 cores
WMFE-LD4P, 4 adapter panels 24, 48, 96 cores
WMFE-LD12P, 12 adapter panels 144, 288 cores


  • 16 Gauge Steel

Surface Finishing: 

  • Electrostatic polyester powder coated Color: Black or Off White

Ordering Information:

  • Model Number:  WMFE-LD2P/4P/12P
    (Wall mount, Empty(no splice trays, adapter panels), black)
  • Adapter Panel: 6 port, 12 port, 24 port, suitable for SC, LC, ST, FC adapters
  • Splice Tray: 24 fiber splice tray FOST-A24F
  • Adapters & Pigtails: ordered separately as per customer’s need

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