16 Port Fiber Distribution Box / Hub, Wall or Pole Mounted

  • FDB-P216 Fiber Optic Distribution Box / Hub
  • Wall or Pole Mounted
  • 2 Cable Inlet & 16 Drop Cable Outlet Ports
  • Outdoor Application
  • IP68 Waterproof


16 Port Fiber Distribution Box / Hub, Wall or Pole Mounted

A fiber optic distribution box, also known as a fiber distribution hub or fiber distribution unit, is a key telecommunication equipment used in fiber optic networks. It serves as a central point for managing and distributing fiber optic cables within a network.

FOCONEC offers 16 Port Fiber Distribution Box, which is popularly used for distributing optical signals from central point to different premises. It is also used a outdoor fiber termination box for terminating drop cables in fiber access networks. Our 16 port fiber distribution box(FDB) or fiber distribution hub(FDH) features 2 fiber cable inlet ports and 16 drop cable outlet ports, turnable inner tray for easy fiber splices, excess cable routing and management.

This 16 port fiber distribution box is also suitable for accommodating 2 pcs of 1×8 PLC splitter or one 1(2)x16 PLC splitter, used as fiber splitter box for optical signal distribution, so it is also fiber splitter box.

FDB-P216 fiber optic distribution box, outdoor fiber distribution hub, termination box, 1x16 fiber splitter box

Functions of A Fiber Distribution Box:

  1. Centralized Management: This 16 port fiber distribution box provides a centralized location for terminating incoming fiber optic cables and distributing them to various destinations within fiber access network.
  2. Termination Points: This fiber distribution hub box typically houses fiber optic adapters or connectors where incoming fibers are terminated direct drop fiber path cables, 1×8 or 1×16 PLC splitters. These termination points allow for easy connection and disconnection of fiber optic cables.
  3. Splicing and Patching: In addition to termination points, fiber distribution box also include splice trays for accommodating fusion fiber splices between input fiber cables & output drop cables, facilitating easy patching of fibers between different ports.
  4. Protection and Organization: Our fiber distribution box is designed to protect the delicate fiber optic connections from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors, features indoor or outdoor application, UV resistant, IP68 waterproof.
  5. Accessibility: Accessibility features are usually incorporated into the design to facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.
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