Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

Rack mount fiber enclosure / patch panel is  an integrated unit for fiber management, provides a centralized location to manage network connections, not only providing strong, long time physical protection for optical fiber interconnections and splices, also promoting better fiber cable organization.

FOCONEC offers a wide variety of rackmount fiber enclosures, including:

All fiber enclosures, patch panels could offered empty or fully loaded fiber optic adapters, pigtails, splice trays, cable spools, LGX adapter panels(LGX fiber enclosures).

Our rack mount fiber enclosure or patch panel is manufactured of SPCC steel, with power coated surface finishing.  Factory pre-assembled fiber enclosures, patch panels will dramatically minimize installation and cabling time.

1U Fiber Patch Panel 24, 36, 72 Port, LGX Rack Mount Enclosure

1U fiber patch panel manufacturer, 19 inch rack mount enclosure with 3 LGX adapter panels or cassettes, black powder coated.

2U Fiber Patch Panel Rack Mount with LGX Adapter Plate / Panel

high quality 2U rack mount fiber enclosure / Patch Panel, fix LGX adapter panels, cassettes, black power coated, buy at reasonable prices from us now!

4U LGX Fiber Patch Panel, Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

high quality 4U rack mount fiber enclosure / Patch Panel, fix 12 pcs of LGX adapter panels, cassettes, black power coated, buy at reasonable prices from us now!

Fixed 12, 24, 48 Port Fiber Patch Panel 1U Rack Mount

High quality fixed 1U fiber patch panel 24 port, with 2 adapter panels, 19 inch mount enclosure, cold rolled steel, black power coated.

Fixed 1U Rack Mount fiber Patch Panel with 2 Adapter Panels

FOCONEC offers fixed rack mount fiber patch panel with two adapters panels, with 12, 24, or max 48 port splice capacity, white or black surface finishing.

Swing Out Patch Panel, 1U Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

Swing out rack mount fiber enclosure, 1U height, with rotated inner tray for out enclosure splice operation, 12 to max 48 port(LC only), black powder coated.

lightweight 1U Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel, 24 Port

lightweight 1U Fiber Patch Panel with sliding inner tray, 19 inch rack mount, 12, 24, 48 port fiber connection, black or customized color available.

1U Rack Mount High Density Fiber Patch Panel

High Density rack mount fiber enclosure, with 4 MPO cassette modules in 1U space, max 96 port for LC connectors, suitable for trunk fiber cables.

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