Fiber Optic Splitter, WDM

fiber optic splitter is one of the most important passive devices in optical fiber link, extensively deployed in passive optical network (EPON, GPON, BPON, FTTX, FTTH etc.) to connect the MDF and the terminal equipment and to branch the optical signal.

Depend on the technology used, there are Fused Biconical Taper (FBT) splitter and Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) splitter.

FBT splitters have single window, dual window, triple / three window available, the wavelength covers 850nm(multimode) / 1310nm / 1490nm / 1550nm

PLC splitters offer a better solution for larger applications, and its wavelength covers a wider range of 1260nm – 1550nm.

We offer steel tube type, and ABS cassette / box type fused fiber coupler and PLC splitter with customized fiber connectors, input / output cable length, diameter, colors.

1×4 Fused Optical Fiber Splitter / Coupler, Single Mode

1x4 fused fiber optic splitter, ABS cassette type, with SC/APC or customized connectors terminated, 1310/1490/1550nm operation wavelength.

Optical Fiber Coupler, Steel Tube Type 1×2 Single Mode Splitter

Steel tube type FBT fiber optic splitter, fused fiber coupler, with LC/UPC connectors, 1310/1550nm dual window & 1310/1490/1550nm tripple window available.

1×2 2×2 Fused Fiber Coupler with SC/APC connectors

fused fiber optic splitter, steel tube type FBT coupler, 0.9mm input/output, with SC/APC connectors, single window, dual window, tripple window for option.

1×2 Fiber Optic Coupler, Fused Splitter, with ABS Cassette

ABS cassette type 1x2 fiber optic coupler, fused fiber splitter, SC, LC, FC connectors for option, 1310/1490/1550nm wavelength.

Dual Window Coupler, Fiber Optic Splitter with SC/APC Connectors, ABS Box

FBT fiber optic splitter 1x2, 1x4, 1x5, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10, 1x12, 1x16, with SC/APC connectors, 1310/1550nm operation wavelength.

FBT Fiber Coupler, 1×3 Single Mode Splitter with ABS Box

1x2 FBT fiber optic coupler, fused fiber splitter, ABS cassette package, 2.0mm / 3.0mm input/output, 1310/1490/1550nm operation wavelength.

1×2 PLC Splitter with SC/UPC Connectors, Steel Tube Type

Steel tube type 1x2 PLC fiber optic splitter with SC/UPC connectors, 0.9mm input / output.

Fiber Optic PLC Splitter 1×4 with SC/UPC Connector, Steel Tube

1x4 PLC splitter supplier wholesaler, 0.9mm input / output fibers with SC/UPC connectors, 1m or 1.5m fanout length.

1×4 PLC Splitter with SC/APC Connectors, Steel Tube

Steel tube type PLC fiber optic splitter 1x4, with SC/APC connectors, 0.9mm loose tube fiber cable, compact size, wide wavelength.

1×8 PLC Splitter with SC/APC Connectors, Steel Tube Type

1x8 PLC fiber splitter with SC/APC connectors, wide wavelength, steel tube type PON splitter, 0.9mm loose fiber.

PLC Fiber Optic Splitter 1×8, 1×16, 1×32, No Connectors

PLC fiber optic splitter manufacturer, steel tube package, 0.9mm input/output, open ended, with no connectors.

LGX PLC Splitter Module, 1×8, 1×16, 1×32

PLC fiber optic splitter cassette module, 1x8, 1x16, 1x32 PLC splitter pre-assembled, suitable for LGX fiber patch panels, enclosures.

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