Multi Core Fiber Patch Cable

Single Mode Fiber Trunk, LC-SC Patch Cable

SC-LC single mode fiber trunk cable, produced with 2 to 144 cores distribution fiber cable, stronger 2mm fan out legs by adding breakout kit

Ribbon Fiber Pigtail, SC / APC Single Mode

China supplier of ribbon fiber pigtail, single mode, SC/APC or other other connectors terminated, 0.9mm fan out legs

SC Single Mode Multi Fiber Pigtail, Color Coded

2, 4, 6, 12, 24, 48 cores fiber trunk pigtail, single mode optical fiber, 900um fanout legs, custom cable length

LC 10 Gig OM3 Fiber Trunk Patch Cable with Breakout Kit

OM3 fiber trunks, with LC or other connectors pre-terminated, with breakout kit and stronger fanout legs, equal or staggered fanout length available

Multimode Breakout Cable, LC-LC Fiber Patch Cord

multimode fiber trunk patch cable, with LC connectors terminated, with breakout kit, 2mm fanout legs

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