Indoor / Outdoor Fiber Patch Cable

Drop Fiber Optic Patch Cord SC to LC Simplex, 3mm Indoor / Outdoor Cable

indoor/outdoor drop fiber patch cable, single mode bend insensitive G657.A2 fiber, LC/UPC, SC/APC connectors terminated.

Flat Fiber Optic Drop Patch Cable SC APC to SC APC 1 Core

indoor to outdoor FTTH flat fiber drop cable simplex with SC/APC connectors terminated, bend insensitive fiber, LSZH jacket.

Waterproof Fiber Optic Patch Cable 2 Cores Single Mode

waterproof fiber optic patch cord 2 cores, single mode fiber, LSZH or PE jacket with stainless steel armor, used as far transmission cable in outdoor harsh environment.

Armored Fiber Patch Cable with Flexible Protection

Mini flexible armoured fiber patch cable, indoor/outdoor used, armored fiber cable, anti-bite, stronger protect for fibers, reels available as per request.

Waterproof Fiber Pigtail, Singlemode, 1, 2, 4, 6 Cores

waterproof fiber patch cables are outdoor used, built on strong LSZH or PE jacket with stainless steel armor inside, used in harsh environment like communication towers, FTTH, CATV networks and even military.

Armored Fiber Patch Cord, Simplex / Duplex Cable

simplex / duplex armored fiber optic patch cords, with armored layer, more stronger than standard simplex / duplex fiber patch cords, suitable for indoor harsh enverionment

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