2U Fiber Patch Panel Rack Mount with LGX Adapter Plate / Panel

high quality 2U rack mount fiber enclosure / Patch Panel, fix LGX adapter panels, cassettes, black power coated, buy at reasonable prices from us now!

General Details

Smarter, flexible and quick operational cabling system is essential for a successful fiber link. FOCONEC’s Q-Conec 2U fiber patch panel accept modular designed LGX adapter plates or panels, fiber cassettes or modules for plug and play high density fiber cabling.

Depending on the enclosure or panel height (1, 2, 3 or 4 RUs) , adapter panel, moo cassette and fiber connectors, FOCONEC’s rack mount enclosure could accommodate 3/6/9/12 adapter panels and reach to 24, 48, 72, 96, 144, 288 port fiber connection, enable terminating, splicing, distributing and storage of fiber optic cables in a compact 1, 2, 3, 4U spaces.

Our 2U fiber patch panel could fix 6 LGX adapter panels, with sliding inner tray, very easy for on-site operation. All adapter panels, fiber cassettes allow easy & quick installation by means of fasteners (snap-in latches). Black powder-coated steel case provides a long-lasting, excellent protection of optical fiber connection, splicing and distribution.


  • Data center
  • Backbone cabling
  • Intermediate & horizontal cross-connects
  • Equipment rooms, building entrances, telecommunications closets etc
  • Customer premise applications to for patching, splicing and storing fiber terminations


  • Support 19” and 23” rack mount
  • Built of 16-gauge steel & folded edge design, more stronger and robust
  • Sliding inner drawer with front panel, more convenient installations
  • Standard LGX footprint for adapter panels and MTP cassettes, based on 117.5mm hole-to-hole spacing
  • 5. Black powder-coated for a long-lasting, rust resistant finish
  • 6. Extended depth, allow more working space for splicing applications or cable storage
Technical Info

NOTE: adapter panels, fiber splice trays, spools and management rings not show in this drawing.

Order Guide


Part Number  Product Description
FOC-QCRME-1RU3P 1U Rack Mounted Enclosure, hold 3 adapter Panels or fiber Cassettes
FOC-QCRME-2RU6P 2U Rack Mounted Enclosure, hold 6 adapter Panels or fiber Cassettes
FOC-QCRME-4RU12P 4U Rack Mounted Enclosure, hold 12 adapter Panels or fiber Cassettes

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