Fixed 1U Rack Mount fiber Patch Panel with 2 Adapter Panels

FOCONEC offers fixed rack mount fiber patch panel with two adapters panels, with 12, 24, or max 48 port splice capacity, white or black surface finishing.

General Details

FRME-1U/2P fixed 1U rack mount fiber patch panel is 19 inch rack mounted, supports direct fiber termination and pigtail splicing. with modular designed adapter panels, LC, FC, SC, ST fiber optic adapters and pigtails could be pre-installed. The front and back cover are fixed by snap in fasteners, easy to remove for fiber cable installation, splicing and management.

This patch panel provides a convenient and rugged termination point for fiber optic cables in the different distributors of your cabling infrastructure. The preformed cable fixing points are routing guides to limit bend radius and enhance strain-relief control. The heavy-duty metal body provides excellent protection for the inside fibers.


  1. Cold rolled steel enclosure body and adapter panels, strong protection for fibers inside
  2. Aluminium covers, deducing weight, convenient to install and dismantle
  3. 19” rack mount
  4. 12, 24 fiber connection, with high density LC adapter, max 48 fiber connection
  5. Unique design, reasonable layout, adequate space for fiber splice and storage
  6. LC, SC, ST, FC, DIN adaptors or pigtails available
Technical Info
  • Part Number: FRME-1U/2P
  • Material:  Aluminium
  • Enclosure Dimension(mm):  410x310x1U
  • Adapter Panels:  2
  • Splice Tray:  FOST-A24F(24 fiber splicing)
  • Coating:  powder coated, available in standard black or grey white(other colors available for bulk orders)

drawing of fixed rack mount fiber enclosure, 1U fiber optic patch panel

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