New Standard for Calibration of Fiber Optic Power Meters

New Standard for Calibration of Fiber Optic Power Meters

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is and international organization developing standards for the information and communications technology industry.

Recently TIA released a new document, TIA-455-231, FOTP-231 IEC 61315 – Calibration of Fibre-Optic Power Meters. This new international standard TIA-455-231 is applicable to instruments measuring radiant power emitted from sources which are typical for the fiber-optic communications industry. It also describes the calibration of power meters to be performed by calibration laboratories or by power meter manufacturers.

TIA-455-231 was formulated under the cognizance of the TIA TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems, TR-42.13 Passive Optical Devices and Fiber Optic Metrology subcommittee.

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