Loose Tube, Indoor / Outdoor Fiber Cables

Loose Tube, Indoor / Outdoor Fiber Cables

Loose Tube Cables are constructed with a central strength member and a small protective plastic tube along the wall of the jacket which creates a funnel for several fibers to run. Loose Tubes prevent strain damage on fibers and can be made to provide specific environmental protection. Outdoor cables are loose tube formatted.  

Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Cables were designed to meet the safety and durability requirements for both indoor and outdoor conditions, making in-building transition points unnecessary. Indoor/outdoor cables are available in a variety of cable types and may house up to 288 fibers.

Outdoor Fiber Cables vary among themselves according to the conditions in which they will be installed. Among outdoor cable types there are aerial cables, which are strung (usually) along telephone poles and must be weather and strain resistant, direct burial cables, that are buried directly in trenches and must be extra rugged to resist the pressure of dirt and rocks surrounding them, underground cables, which must have high strain resistance as they are installed by being pulled through underground tubing, and submarine or aquatic cables, that require extra tight sealing to prevent water leakage. Each outdoor cable type is being continually improved upon as designers learn by experience what their cables need to provide in order to protect fiber under any conditions.

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