Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter

July 28, 2017

Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter

Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter is used to connect two discrete fiber optic connectors.  To meet different installations, we have female to female hybrid fiber adapters and male to female hybrid adapters available.

Female-Female hybrid fiber optic adapte(Bulkhead hybrid fiber adapter) is a adapter with two different ends, suitable for coupling two different fiber connectors, such as SC to FC, SC to ST,ST to FC, SC to LC, LC to FC, LC to ST, LC to FC hybrid adapter.

Male-Female hybrid fiber optic adapter (Build-out Type hybrid fiber adapter)  is a fiber adapter with a connector end (male) and an adapter end (female). It is used to realize interconnection between a fiber connector and another type fiber optic adapter port.

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