Factory Pre-Terminated Multi Fiber Cable Assemblies

More Multi Strand Cables, Customized Connectors, Breakout, Fanout Length

Do you have the time or specialized people to do field fiber connector termination? Will you think a better solution to save your time, labor cost and maintain more better connectivity stability? Factory pre-terminated fiber cables will be excellent choice for your fiber links.

Factory pre-terminated fiber assemblies provide an quick plug and play connectivity for our fiber links between switches, servers, patch panels, and zone distribution areas in data center.

The factory terminated fiber cable assemblies, compare to field or on-site fiber connector termination, would accelerate the fiber installation process, shorten time, save costs and eliminate interconnection errors.

Advantages You Will Have
Make Your Work Simple & Effective

By using factory pre-terminated fiber cable assemblies, there is no need to invest more more money and time to do field fiber termination, give you advantage to focus on more important works,  expand your business.

More Better Products & Service

We offer more options for your fiber links. Single mode, multimode fibers, multi core fiber cables with standard and customized cable colors, breakout stye, labels. LC, SC, ST, FC, MTRJ, MPO pre-terminated, fully tested.

Save Installation Time & Labor Cost

All factory terminated fiber cables could be installed directly, no need to do on-site fusion splicing, connector terminating. It considerably simplifies the fiber connectivity and cabling, greatly reduce requirements for the operators’ experience and technical background. Therefore, the efficiency is improved, the cost is lowered, and the dependence of human operation are avoided at certain extent.

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